Tuesday, December 23, 2008

peaknit reads


I have decided to embark on another reading challenge in 2009. I was able to reach my goal of 52 books in 2008, aiming for at least one a week. And I was thinking that this journey might deserve it's own spot. Up to now, at the suggestion of blogless Christine, I have been tracking my progress in a journal - but heck, why not blog it? It's the millenium afterall, right?

I felt a little pressured to not pick the fattest books in the library but I was able to balance by reading some one-day-ers to compliment the more significant books. I admit I read some real fluff this year - I figure I work full-time and have kids - so I should get a little pleasure reading in, I guess it balances out. In retrospect, I think I will try to pick slightly more complex books for the new year, rather than a library full of vampire romance - but ah, the allure.

hot edward

Anyways, here's my tally...

1. P.S. I Love You : Cecelia Ahren
2. You're not You : Michelle Wildgen
3. Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cathair : Laurie Perry
4. Blood Orange : Drusilla Campbell
5. The Red Tent : Anita Diamant
6. Center of Everything : Laura Moriarty
7. The Bride Stripped Bare : Nicki Gemmell
8. Me and Emma : Elizabeth Flock
9. Keeping Faith : Jodi Picoult
10. Riding Lessons : Sara Gruen
11. Speak Softly, She Can Hear : Pam Lewis
12. Flying Changes : Sara Bruen
13. Rock On : Dan Kennedy
14. Change of Heart : Jodi Picoult
15. The Doctor's Wife : Elizabeth Brundage
16. A Thousand Splendid Suns : Khaled Hosseini
17. The Breakdown Lane : Jaclyn Mitchard
18. The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes : Diane Chamberlain
19. The Double Bind : Chris Bohjalian
20. But Inside I'm Screaming : Elizabeth Flock
21. Persuasion : Jane Austen
22. Whistling in the Dark : Lesley Kagen
23. Everything Must Go : Elizabeth Flock
24. At Risk : Alice Hoffman
25. In Search of Eden : Linda Nichols
26. Mistaken Identity : Van Ryn's and Cerak families
27. Pieces of my Sister's Life : Elizabeth Joy Arnold
28. Abide with Me : Elizabeth Strout
29. The Kindness of Strangers : Katrina Kittle
30. Amy and Elizabeth : Elizabeth Strout
31. Michael Tolliver Lives : Armistead Maupin
32. Clapton : Eric Clapton
33. Summer Sisters : Judy Blume
34. Twilight : Stephanie Meyer
35. New Moon : Stephanie Meyer
36. Eclipse : Stephanie Meyer
37. Breaking Dawn : Stephanie Meyer
38. Songs of the Humpback Whale : Jodi Picoult
39. The Host : Stephanie Meyer
40. The Island : Victoria Hislop
41. Eden Close : Anita Schreve
42. Hearts : Meg Wolitzer
43. The Book of Bright Ideas : Sangra Kreig
44. Lost in the Woods : Sue Miller
45. Goodnight Nobody : Jennifer Weiner
46. Dead until Dark : Charlaine Harris
47. Living Dead in Dallas: Charlaine Harris
48. Club Dead: Charlaine Harris
49. Dead to the World : Charlaine Harris
50. Dead as a Doornail : Charlaine Harris
51. Definitely Dead : Charlaine Harris
52. Altogether Dead : Charlaine Harris
53. The Magician's Assistant : Ann Patchett
54. Those Who Save Us : Jenna Blum
55. The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox : Maggie O. Farrell
::forgot one::
56. The Delivery Man : Joe McGinniss Jr.

I have "bolded" the books I would recommend - curiously, not that many. I think of reading as an investment of time as our lives get busy - so I try not to recommend anything I don't think is worth the effort, I consider it "green reading" - conservation of time, em. (realizing of course that everyone has their own taste.)

So read on and please recommend a title if you have a book that got under your skin a little, one that you kept reading when you know you should have turned the light off, you know - THAT one. Thank you!


  1. Interesting list. I will have to check out your favorites. We have read several of the same books. I just finished 'The Hour I First Believed'. Loved it for the most part, but the historical journals bogged me down. What did you think of it?

  2. Umm...my dear Peaknit...you forgot to bold Twilight :) hehehehe LOVE this blog!!

  3. I see that you read the Twilight series and I'm on my way to the third book. I love them so I'm asking your humble opinion on what to read next that will be like Meyer's books. PS. I'm wondering why you didn't bold them??

  4. Oh Jeez Annie I didn't see your comment until now - I didn't bold them because I really like the first one, but felt embarrassed:) Silly, I know because I did love the ride. I wouldn't recommend Stepanie Meyers' The Host - it was far out - I finished it but it was a little too sci-fi for me. I did read the Sookie Stackhouse series - again a little odd but I felt sucked in and wanted to know what was next. I am not sure if anything fairly compares to what Meyers did for me:)