Friday, January 9, 2009

The Hour I First Believed

wally lamb

I'm sad to report that I am utterly disappointed in Wally Lamb's latest book. Lamb is a favorite - I loved She's Come Undone and almost identified with the glass half-empty Dominick Birdsey in This Much I Know Is True. This book is described well in this review - "densely populated" and "bogged down with details". I have never been so sticken over a book. I think I looked too forward to it. But really, I think I have to suggest that you pass this one by dear readers. I feel almost irrational with disappointment - like Wally Lamb couldn't have written this book. Could he?

As a curious side note - I think we learned Dominick is now a wealthy casino owner. He's moving on up from the poor sap he was in his own book. The main character Caelum ran into Dominick at the psychologist's office lobby. I knew Dr. Patel was familiar, Lamb used this character in his last book as well.

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  1. This is not the week for reading. Nothing worse then a not too good book! I've had two false starts as well. Your next book will make up for it I'm sure!