Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Homemade Life: Molly Wizenberg

Another way that Peaknit and I are in sync is we both just finished A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg, and we both loved it. See her post here!

Wizeberg is the writer of Orangette, a blog I will admit I was not familiar with. My college roommate Trish let me borrow the book and it was the perfect book to discover right now.

After a few books that I didn't enjoy (The Secret History, and Thanks for the Memories) A Homemade Life was perfect!

The book is a series of short stories about Wizenberg, her family, and her life, each story is capped off with a recipe. As anyone who knows me knows that I am the pickiest eater ever. Yet this book had me craving things I've never even dreamed of eating. Wizenberg's attitude was never overly pretentious, rather she's someone who genuinely enjoys food and the memories associated with it.

Her memories of food and meals had me thinking about my own food memories. Some of my favorite times with people are those when we get together cook and eat together. Growing up we always ate family dinners and even as a college student we had our own version of "family" dinners.

Wizeberg captured it perfectly when she said, "That's why this book is called A Homemade Life. Because, in a sense, that's what we're building - you, me, all of us who like to stir and whisk - in the kitchen and at the table. In the simple acts of cooking and eating, we are creating and continuing the stories that are our lives."

To put it simply...get this book...read it...and pass it along to those who have shared your table.

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